V-REP Simulator – Getting Started

One of the best ways of learning about robots can actually do, and of understanding the problems associated with trying to get them to do anything at all, is to try to build and programme one.

In this uncourse, we’ll be using the Coppelia Robotics V-REP simulator to explore how to programme simulated robots modelled on several different real robots. In particular, we’ll be programming the robot via simulator API using the Python programming language executed using a Jupyter notebook interface.

There are two options for getting the environment set up.

The following advice is just a raw first draft – more comprehensive instructions will appear at some point…

The first option is to download and install everything you need onto your own desktop yourself:

  •  download and install the simulator from the Coppelia Robotics download page (use the educational version);
  • download and install a Python environment that includes Jupyter notebooks. (For example, Anaconda.)
    • you also need to install the v-rep python binding for the V-REP simulator into your Python environment.
  • download an unzip the uncourse project files from here.

The second, recommended, option is to use the pre-packaged virtual machine developed to support this uncourse:

Once your environment is set up, you can start programming some robots….